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    Dieppe Dash is an exciting annual cross-channel boating event conceived as a means of meeting like-minded people, sharing the enjoyment of boating interests of all boat owners, and providing support in crossing the English Channel. Dieppe Dash includes pre-event talks, an outbound sail/motor cruising rally or yacht race, shore side events in Dieppe and a cruise or race return passage.

    Dieppe Dash takes place in the English Channel between Brighton/Newhaven area of the south coast of England, and Dieppe in the Normandy region on the northern coast of France, the outbound passage on the Friday leading into the first May Bank Holiday weekend of the United Kingdom public holidays calendar.

    The main fleet will make the return passage on the Bank Holiday Sunday. If weather conditions do not permit making passage on the Sunday there is provision to make arrangements to stay longer in Dieppe or return to Great Britain via the ferry and recover the boat at a later date.

    Dieppe Dash is the perfect event for your first time ‘across the channel’ passage, you are more likely to make a passage if you have planned it with other boat owners, and make the passage in company. For those interested in racing, Dieppe Dash provides the perfect offshore challenge.

    Dieppe Dash Safety Plan provides guidance for you, the Person-in-Charge to create your sea-safety plan, and a check-in and check-out scheme (SOSDAS) to monitor your ‘at sea’ status.

    Dieppe Dash is organised by the Dieppe Dash Team of Brighton Marina Yacht Club (BMYC) with support of Ports de Normandie, Syndicat Mixte du Port Dieppe, and Cercle de la Voile de Dieppe (CVD).

    See About the Dash and all the other pages on the menu-item Dash Info for more information.

    To enter the Dieppe Dash, complete the Dieppe Dash Online Entry form once entries are open.


    Dieppe Dash 2024 – summary

    In the week before Dieppe Dash 2024, the WhatsApp group messages had  included several posts focusing on the evolving weather forecasts for the day of the event. The forecasts seemed to be changing every few hours. Was the promised band of stronger wind passing through during or before the event? And how quickly and how much would the wind die down?

    By the time of the safety briefing on Thursday evening it seemed likely the conditions would be good enough for most boats to attempt to Dash. The race started at 7am on Friday morning in a choppy sea with a westerly wind giving fast boat speeds. The wind gradually lessened through the day and several spinnakers were hoisted towards the end of the trip, though many of the rally boats opted to motor the last part to ensure adequate drinking time in Dieppe.

    Of 35 boats who entered, 25 arrived safely in Dieppe by evening with two more coming the following day.  Most boats finished in sunshine, though a few arriving just before sunset were greeted with a dark rain cloud and a glorious double rainbow.

    The IRC race was won again by Redeye, with Kokomo coming second as well as getting line honours, having finished in just over 8 hours and 2 minutes.  In third place was Baradal with all boats finishing within 15 minutes of each other.

    Unfortunately the wind died too much for the last two boats in the NHC fleet to be able to cope with increasing tidal stream and they retired less that a kilometre from the finish line!  But the first two boats finished with Foule Sentimentale winning first place, beating Silver Fox by only 5 seconds on corrected time. 

    The Saturday was sunny and calm, an ideal rest day in Dieppe.  Yet again our French stakeholders were very supportive and welcoming, ensuring the continuing success of the event. Overall, this was the most successful running of Dieppe Dash since Brexit and COVID.

    See you next year.


    Dieppe Dash – Sailing Instructions

    The Sailing Instructions for Dieppe Dash 2024 races have now been published and can be viewed or downloaded from the Documents page.


    Dieppe Dash 2024 – Guidance document

    Another document, Guidance for All Boats, has now been published. It contains helpful guidance for participants in the Dieppe Dash 2024, including arrangements for border control procedures in France and the UK.

    The document can be viewed and downloaded from the Documents page.


    Dieppe Dash 2024 – an offer

    The chandlery at Nicky’s Canvasworks in Brighton Marina are offering discounts on safety related items to those boats taking part in Dieppe Dash 2024. The discounts have been chosen to fall inline with the Safety Regulations linked to this event. This discount is for participants of Dieppe Dash only, the discount is off our ticketed price, some of which are already discounted and internet competitive. The minimum spend to get the stated discount is £100 in 1 transaction. The offer runs from Saturday 16th March until Saturday 27th April 2024. If participants want prices for items they can call, email or pop into the chandlery stating ‘Dieppe Dash’ .

    For the list of discounted items see www.dieppedash.com/dieppe-dash-2024-offer-details/


    Dieppe Dash 2024 – Update

    We are pleased to announce that Dieppe Dash 2024 online entry portal is now open to accept your entry at www.dieppedash.com/online-entry/. After entering, you will be included in information mailings. Your entry will be regarded as confirmed when payment is received.

    As always, Dieppe Dash Entry covers cost of all inclusion events: Buffet at the Safety Briefing, Welcome Buffet on arrival in Dieppe, Berthing at Dieppe, Prize Giving and Awards, and of course, all administration costs. We are grateful to all our stakeholders for their continued commitment to Dieppe Dash which has enabled us to keep the Standard Entry fee this year down to £115, as long as payment is made by 5pm on 15/04/2024, after which the cost increases.

    We are also holding a Dieppe Dash Open ‘Drop-In’ meeting on the afternoon of Saturday, 16th March 2024 from 14:00. Please note this is a changed date and time from a previous notification. This will be held at Brighton Marina Yacht Club. This will be an opportunity for persons interested in Dieppe Dash and wishing to learn more about before committing or before the event. Both new and experienced participants are welcome.

    We have also published a Safety for All Boats document, as well the Notice of Race for racing participants. These are both available for view and download from the Documents page

    We will continue to publish further advice documents as soon as they are available.

    We look forward to seeing you again this year in Brighton and Dieppe.


    Dieppe Dash 2024


    It is with pleasure that the Dieppe Dash Team and our French Stakeholders can confirm our intention to run Dieppe Dash over the Early May Bank Holiday weekend 2024.

    Please put the dates in your diary NOW:

    3rd to 5th May 2024

    We are hoping that Online Entry will be open soon. Any further updates and information will be posted here as well as on our Twitter and Facebook pages. So keep watching!

    We look forward to seeing you soon.

    The Dieppe Dash Team

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